Pat Sajak's daughter steals the show as Vanna White's replacemen

5 Best Characters for Beginners in Street Fighter 6

 Marisa is a powerful newcomer with long-range strikes and heavy-hitting moves.

Ryu is a legendary fighter with strong fiery attacks and a well-balanced playstyle.

Ken specializes in aggressive attacks and swift movements, making him a formidable choice.

JP excels in manipulating opponents with far-reaching moves and potent combos.

Kimberly's mix of agile martial arts and ninja tools brings unpredictability to the fight.

The Drive System in Street Fighter 6 enhances combo execution and provides defensive options.

Drive Impact allows players to perform counterattacks for strategic advantage.

Street Fighter 6's World Tour mode helps beginners ease into the game's mechanics.

Each character in Street Fighter 6 offers a different playstyle and level of difficulty.

Mastering these beginner-friendly characters can improve chances of success in battles.